Valley View Golf Course

Belgravia Cup


Belgravia Cup - Stableford
10th April 2021

Play @ Valley View, Glanville and Little Para to Qualify
Qualifying rounds from 10th March to 3rd April 2021


Play @ Valley View, Glanville and Little Para to Qualify
  • Qualifying rounds starts 10th March 2021 and ends on 3rd April 2021.
  • Qualifying rounds to be played as Stroke Play
  • Participants to play 18 holes with a playing partner to sign or confirm the score.
  • During the qualifying rounds, non-member participants will pay green fees for their rounds plus $1.00 for each 18 holes for qualifying card.
  • All members will pay $1.00 for each qualifying card (18 holes) from each golf courses.
  • Participants can keep own scorecards until all 3 score cards from 3 golf courses are completed.
  • You can then hand in those score cards to either one of the pro shop for registration into the Belgravia Cup Competition.
  • When registering, you can pay competition fees to secure your spot straight away. $10.00 for members and $15.00 plus green fees for non-members. (the $1.00 per 18 hole round qualifying rounds will be contributed to the $15.00 Competition Fees on the Cup day, meaning non-members can pay $12.00 competition fee to secure their spot and members can pay $7.00 for competition fee to secure their spot)
  • It will be on a first come first serve basis. Once the 72 spots are filled up and competition fees are paid, there’ll be no more registrations available.
Belgravia Cup Stableford Format - Handicap to be capped at Maximum 18.  
A 14 Handicapper will have ONE extra shots on each of the 14 hardest holes on the course based on the Index of the course with Index 1 being the hardest and Index 18 the easiest. Then players will accumulates points during his/her's 18 holes scores. The points are awarded based on the net stroke of each individual player’s score (after minus par).
Scoring Format:                                               Math Score:
Net Double Bogey or More                            0 point
Net Bogey                                                       1 point
Net Par                                                            2 points
Net Birdie                                                        3 points
Net Hole in One                                              4 points
Net -1 or more                                                5 points

The player with the highest points at the end of play will be the Winner!

Belgravia Cup - Stableford Format
10th April 2021                  
Venue: Valley View Golf Course
8.30am Shot Gun Start

Fees: $15.00 Comp Fee (non-member) plus Green Fees
$10.00 Comp Fee (member)
Includes a coffee or one Cool Ridge 600ml water
8.00am: Attendance and Brief of Competition Rules
8.30am: Shot Gun Start
11.00am: Participants finish golf round and hand in cards
BBQ and Drinks Served
12.00pm: Winner Announced
12.30pm: Event ends
10 Apr 08:00 AM - 12:30 PM


Valley View Golf Course

  • 08 8263 2189
  • 935 Grand Junction Rd, , Holden Hill SOUTH AUSTRALIA 5088

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