Course Overview

Picturesque 18-Hole Course

Our picturesque 18-hole course is set in the picturesque Thomas Turner reserve.
With some tricky fairways, a water crossing and strategically located sand bunkers, the course is a fantastic way to master your short game.

The course is well maintained all year round to assist all players in having a fun and successful day on the green.


Hole 1 - 71m

With a tee shot surrounded by hedges, the first green is slightly elevated and a par is well within reach for the social golfer.
Watch the tree on the left with your tee shot, but if you slice too far right, you may end up back in the car park.


Hole 2 - 78m

A straight forward par 3 with a raised tee box

Running alongside Grand Junction Rd, the pressure is on to hit the right shot as the cars go by.


Hole 3 - 80m

With a collection of trees along the right side of the fairway, pin position anywhere right of the centre of the green may cause havoc.



Hole 4 - 74m

Straight up and Down Hole. This hole is one of 3 greens clustered together in a figure 8 so don’t aim for the wrong green.



Hole 5 - 68m

Straight forward short hole, difficult to get into trouble, houses on the right, the 4th green on the left, good chance at a birdie.


Hole 6 - 96m

Hitting over a water catchment, with Dry Creek on the right, keep left to avoid ball loss and watch the trees on the right-hand side.


Hole 7 - 70m

Hitting back into the course proper with the green as part of the figure 8 cluster, an extra club may be required with an uphill shot and elevated green.

The rolling fairway will cause trouble to miss hit tee shots.


Hole 8 - 126m

The second longest and second hardest hole on the course, with overhanging branches along the left-hand side, a solid strike will be necessary to avoid trouble.




Hole 9 - 71m

Central to the golf course, the 9th hole is a simple hole for a straight up and down par.


Hole 10 - 146m

The longest hole on the course and also the most difficult. Precision is required as the green is also one of the smallest on the course.


Hole 11 - 63m

Short but challenging hole, with the tee located right on the creek line. The green has a few variables with slope.


Hole 12 - 97m

A hole with tree challenges. If you are going over the top, good luck, otherwise a low iron may do the trick.


Hole 13 - 67m

Raised green with trees on the left-hand side, a lofted wedge onto the green leaves an easy birdie putt.


Hole 14 - 72m

Aiming for the right-hand side of the green is the safest option, aiming left will definitely find the trees.


Hole 15 - 60m

Short hole with a drop off from the green on the left-hand side. Path and bridge on the left-hand side leading you to the driving range.


Hole 16 - 60m

Easiest hole on the index with a short pitch. The creek running on the right can be trouble if heading that way, tree on the left on the tee block can be a problem. If in doubt, go low.


Hole 17 - 100m

The first of the two final challenging holes. A straight 100m hit to the green is all that is required.


Hole 18 - 100m

With the clubhouse (19th hole) in sight, the pressure is on to produce the goods with the golfers watching on from the gazebo.

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